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Cold calls or networking?

The world of social media is rising and expanding. Will you remain a cold calling dinosaur or meet new connections through online introductions and events?

Being on the phone all day, every day is not for the weak at heart. Most people avoid it to bypass the regular rejection involved. It takes thick skin to keep asking for meetings and next steps. Imagine combining all of your marketing efforts in these three ways:

1. Schedule regular time for reaching out to others on social media.

Have a strong profile and reach out to appropriate contacts. Set time each day or week to engage with others on LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. Select those individuals that you are interested in connecting with further and schedule Zoom appointments. Ask for the meeting.

2. Attend regular networking events that fit your target market.

Build relationships through networking regularly and again, schedule more Zoom meetings. Be mindful that you may need to weed out many more people using this route. So qualify each prospect accordingly and keep first meetings short, and with a clear purpose, other than “just meeting” for the sake of it.

3. Schedule daily or weekly cold calls.

Set one hour or more each day to make cold calls. Ask for the meeting. Track your efforts and always follow up (in the time they ask, or every three to six months, depending on the situation). Sales calls must be made at one point or other. Embrace it.

With our changing world and the new ways businesses are functioning, be impactful. Adapt to new methods of reaching out to others. Pick up the phone, go online and connect strategically with decision makers. Network with both a filter and open mind. Become a powerhouse in the way your message gets transmitted.