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Dexter Realty and Goodman Commercial donate $15,000 to support Ukraine

The top sales reps and their associates at Dexter Realty and Goodman Commercial in Vancouver have decided to forgo awards, gifts and celebrations so the brokerage can donate $15,000 to support the Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

In a statement, the management team of David Peerless, Kevin Skipworth and Tony Ioannou say they are “so proud of our Dexter Realty agents who performed at the highest level in 2021 and we want to take this opportunity to recognize their hard work…. Over the last two years we have faced adversity through the pandemic and all that brings to the real estate market. Market conditions have been frenetic and require hard work and a strategic mindset.

“While the world watches Ukrainians fighting for freedom in their homeland,” the team says it is challenging other real estate companies to donate to the Red Cross appeal.