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It’s already nice. Why do I need staging?

It’s a common misconception among some homeowners and even Realtors that a beautiful home doesn’t need any help before it is brought to market. As a professional home stager, I have worked on all types of properties and have seen them in all different states. That includes multi-million-dollar luxury homes with beautiful high-end finishes.

To be honest, when I’m hired for staging consultations on some of these properties, I sometimes think, “I’m not sure they need me!” But these are the very homeowners who understand that even a beautifully designed luxury property will shine brighter with proper staging.

To be completely transparent, I do get a little nervous working on already beautiful properties because it’s more challenging to “wow” people who have great style. Yet, without fail, I have always been able to impress even those with the most discerning taste.

With these homes, it is sometimes the small things that matter: such as removing a few pieces of furniture in order to better highlight the space, or repositioning some pieces to create a focal point or adding a few finishing touches that update the look and feel of a room. The point is, there is always room for improvement in any space. What professionals like me have is the ability to look at any space from the perspective of the buyer and know how best to impress them in how we showcase the property.

These high-end sellers also know you sometimes have to spend money to make money. They fully understand that whatever they invest in to market their house, they will easily make back. I don’t even have to convince them… they seek me out.

In our current market, which is still very much a sellers’ market, you still find Realtors and clients who don’t think professional staging is necessary. I’ve even had some people comment that my business must be slow because houses sell so easily.

Actually the opposite is true. I am having one of the best years yet. This is because those who invest in professional home staging understand the true magic of marketing, positioning and differentiating. Home staging is not an inexpensive investment, but these people understand the significant financial benefit that it can offer.

If you are still questioning whether a professional home staging service is a wise investment for your property, just look at comparable listings. These homes are your competition. Are their owners throwing away their money on beautiful staging, or do they know something you don’t?

Let me be clear: properties of all types benefit from home staging – not just the ones that have flaws or are dated. Home staging is about making the property appealing to as many potential buyers as possible in order to generate the most interest, sell quickly and earn top dollar. For luxury properties, it’s about appealing to a pool of buyers with discerning taste. They want the best.

Here are a couple of examples from my portfolio:

The property in the photo at the top of this story is in a highly desirable area of North York, Ont. The interior has all high-end finishes and is beautifully designed and styled. The homeowner just needed help with organizing and styling using their existing furnishing and accessories and polishing with a few of our finishing touches. Total investment $1,800 (before tax). Listed for $1,299,900, Estimated value $1,357,000, Sold for $1,600,000, Days on market: seven.

This property is located in a Newmarket estate community. It is a large, newer home and has many high-end upgrades. It is vacant and move-in ready. The homeowner engaged us to stage the large main floor, the primary suite and the bonus space.

Total investment $5,600 (before tax). Listed for $1,588,888, Estimated value $1,629,000, Sold for $1,700,00, Days on market: seven.

When a property is well-prepared, makes a great first impression to many potential buyers, is priced appropriately and marketed well, the result shows in the sale.

Remember: Follow the breadcrumbs to success.