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Kevin Flaherty’s eXp office in Orangeville sees rapid growth

Kevin Flaherty launched an eXp office in Orangeville, Ont. in May. The office opened with 12 Realtors and eight production staff and has since grown to 30 salespeople who partner with the company, Flaherty says.

He has been in the real estate industry since 1988. He was with an independent brokerage for five years before moving to a franchise brokerage. Most recently he was with iPro Realty, where he was the brokerage’s top-producing Realtor for 10 straight years.

When he tells people about the cloud-based eXp Realty, he says, “Their reaction is generally the same – ‘It sounds too good to be true’.  I tell them that I initially said no to eXp too, three years ago and it was the biggest financial mistake of my life.  I remind them that highly successful people teach us to be radically open minded and constantly assume that our conclusions are false. My experience has been that if someone truly looks at the opportunity, they move. The challenge is getting them to avoid any limiting beliefs about what they can accomplish in the right vehicle, because what seems too good to be true is very real.”

Recognizing that some agents still like to have office space, each eXp agent gets a free membership to Regus shared office space. Since there was no Regus office in the Orangeville area, Flaherty converted his own space into a registered eXp Realty Hub. His team and those agents who partner with any member of the team can use the space.

“Our team has been highly successful because we offer a service that we have not yet seen anywhere else… Full video narrated 3D animated online showings,’” says Flaherty. “We have been offering this service for 10 years.”

These videos “use animation to fly through an accurate 3D scaled model of the house. The animation helps buyers understand the layout of the home and uses technology to shows rooms with and without furniture. The video visualizes and narrates all of the home’s key features and benefits,” says Flaherty’s website. See the sample here.