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Mississauga Realtors donate over 16,000 pounds of food and baby goods

Members of the Mississauga Real Estate Board recently donated more than 16,000 pounds of food and baby goods to the Mississauga Food Bank.

The idea for this campaign came from past president Asha Singh after she spent time at the food bank. “That morning at the Mississauga Food Bank really opened my eyes to the great need in our community, especially in light of the financial effects being felt by hundreds of families during COVID-19,” says Singh. “I was especially affected by the thought of the children going hungry and I knew I had to do something about that.”

With the full support of the MREB Board of Directors and co-ordination from staff, Singh implemented a successful campaign for the Mighty Mississauga Contactless Food Drive that was held recently. The campaign raised more than $1,800 in financial contributions and over 16,000 pounds of non-perishable food and baby-related goods and products.

“The outpouring of donations from the Mississauga real estate community, our business partners, MREB directors and staff was extremely heart-warming,” says MREB CEO Ray Dubash. “There was a mountain of food and boxes of diapers in our office, all destined to be received by the Mississauga Food Bank. I am so very proud of what the Mississauga Real Estate Board was able to accomplish to help those less fortunate than ourselves in our community.”

A video of the event can be seen here.