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Oakwyn Realty in Vancouver kicks off Annual Kindness Challenge

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Oakwyn Realty in Vancouver is holding its third annual kindness challenge, an initiative that aims to celebrate and bolster generosity through small acts of kindness from the Oakwyn team to its communities.

For all of November, Oakwyn agents are challenging themselves to pursue random acts of kindness and goodwill, with the intent of creating a chain reaction, the company says.

Morgan Browne, president and co-founder, initiated her act of kindness by hosting a webinar with Vancouver addiction and recovery group, Together We Can. It’s mission is to educate and support individuals and families who struggle with the challenges of addiction.

“We hosted this webinar to start the conversation about homelessness in Vancouver to learn more about the causes and people behind this growing number. Our goal is to become more informed on the subject and learn how we can help the situation,” says Browne. The webinar is now available online to help educate others on the struggles many people face every day.

“It takes one person to say, ‘we believe in you, you are worth more than this, let’s help you recapture who you were before, and let’s show you the way,’” says Alex Lekei of Together We Can.

More acts of kindness are scheduled for the rest of the month, the company says.

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