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Surprising fruit punch

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carolyne_june 12By Carolyne

In a large saucepan, boil 1 ½ cups of sugar and two quarts of cold water for five minutes.  Cool the sugar syrup and add one cup of lemon juice, two cups of orange juice and two cups of pineapple juice.  Add one 26-oz bottle of 7-UP or ginger ale.  Refrigerate until ready to serve.  Add vodka, gin or liquor of your choice, and float orange and lemon slices on top.

This is a great punch even as a non-alcoholic beverage.  It has a combination of flavours that seems to make people think there is liquor in it even when there is not.  We once made this punch to be served at a “dry” wedding.  The priest kept coming back to the bowl for more, and he kept getting sillier.  (He had a super personality anyway).

However, he came so often, the bride’s mother saw to it that he got a large water glass to drink the punch from.

The guests still maintain the punch was “doctored”.  They really did enjoy themselves.

This recipe is also good for spring and summer.  It’s also a great poolside cooler. (Burr!)

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