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The Dark Side of Residential Landlording: Stories “stranger than fiction” in new landlording book

Toronto real estate broker and frequent REM columnist Chris Seepe has written a new book, The Dark Side of Residential Landlording.

Seepe describes it as “a no-nonsense, in-the-trenches, irreverent, occasionally contemptuous, sometimes funny, decade-long deeply researched, mostly firsthand account of the exploitation, perils, pain, trials, tribulations, maltreatment, uncommon risks of and sometimes deliberate abuses against residential landlords everywhere.”

Seepe says in the book, “You’ll learn who the culprits are and the remedies and safeguards you can employ to protect yourself against them.”

The book is aimed at existing landlords, would-be and first-time investors, Realtors who are not familiar with residential properties and aspiring property managers considering a career in managing residential rental investment properties. It has more than 250 stories, “some stranger than fiction”, along with suggestions and remedies to potential risks.

Seepe is the owner and operator of seven small multifamily investment properties (totaling 81 units), a “landlording” course instructor, a frequent guest speaker, president of the Landlords Association of Durham and commercial real estate broker of record at Aztech Realty in Toronto.

Sample chapters, a table of contents, testimonials, how to order the book and further details can be found here.