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Top 10 ways to stay motivated

You will hear “No, we’re not interested.” You will be ignored. Your credibility will be questioned and tested. You will be judged incorrectly. Your ideas will be dismissed even before you have the chance to elaborate. If you see things in an unconventional way, multiply all of these things by 100.

Most salespeople ARE unconventional. We live in a fast-paced world. Information is everywhere and easily accessible. If it’s not “you” who gets to provide it, someone else will get that opportunity. It is all about timing when it comes to being heard.

Follow these top 10 tips for staying motivated.

  1. Take note of what’s working for you and keep doing it.
  2. Update and re-evaluate your goals.
  3. Bounce ideas regularly with a coach.
  4. Attend online networking events or webinars.
  5. Learn new skills that can add to your current sales strategies.
  6. Feed your brain with positive information daily.
  7. Meditate and exercise.
  8. Change your routine.
  9. Ask your current clients for feedback.
  10. Be grateful for your current successes.

Prospecting and sales are an ongoing effort that require patience and persistence. All business owners and sales professionals have had to face rejection in their path before they were taken seriously. Just because hardship is not openly discussed, it certainly does not mean challenges were non-existent. Rejection is part of the process toward success. We are all human, not superhuman. Keep it moving.