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Why do some Realtors employ staging while others don’t?

Despite some recent changes in the market, I think we can all agree that we are still in a seller’s market.

One of the most frequently asked questions in my Staging To Sell, What Every Agent Should Know class is “When should you stage?”

The answer is:

  • In a buyer’s market, you stage to sell more quickly
  • In a seller’s market, you stage to sell for more money

In either scenario, it is a marketing strategy that helps properties stand out and helps buyers form an emotional connection to the property.

I have encountered many Realtors who assumed that the staging industry has been slow because we are in a seller’s market. It is far from the truth. If you speak to Realtors who value and employ the use of staging in their marketing efforts, they will tell you that stagers are a hot commodity right now because we are in high demand.

So, back to the question of why do some Realtors stage while others don’t? What do Realtors who stage know that Realtors who don’t stage don’t know?

It also begs the question when homeowners contact us directly for staging services because their Realtor doesn’t believe in the need for it. What do these homeowners think of the value of the services that they receive from their agent?

Ignoring a strategy that has become one of the greatest marketing tactics that leading successful Realtors use will not set you apart for the better.

If you are still on the fence about the value and benefits of home staging, speak to a colleague who employs staging or speak to us directly. We would love to share some data and stats with you.

Real estate marketing is evolving. Are you?