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6 ways to build a strong bond of trust with your clients

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Liars and cheaters tend to be distrustful of others. It’s a reflection of themselves.

Conversely, honest, trustworthy people tend to assume that others will trust them implicitly. But this is a mistake!

Trust is earned. It takes time and purposefulness to build trust with clients who don’t know you as your friends and family do.

If you want success, your clients must believe you genuinely care about their success. They need to know this is not just another transaction or commission for you.

Here are six reminders of how to build a strong bond of trust with your clients:


1. Take your time to get to know your client and learn what makes them tick

If you’re in a mad rush all the time, your clients will perceive that you don’t have enough time for them and you don’t really care. So slow down.

Allow a little more time at the beginning of the relationship to sit and listen and envision how you’ll be able to fulfill their needs. Remember that everyone is different.


2. Be responsible and respectful

Timely and proactive communication is vital to your relationship. Clients must have confidence that they can rely on you to provide the information they need. Speak plainly and honestly to demonstrate that you always have their best interests at heart.

For example, you may not think that sending frequent updates about minor things is important, but your clients most likely do.


3. Be yourself

It’s hard to connect with someone who is all business all the time. So don’t be that person! Look for topics of mutual interest, whether it be sports, hobbies, the latest Netflix series or whatever.

This will not only promote the feeling of a partnership, but it also makes your relationship more fun.


4. Be dead honest 100% of the time

If you think your client is making a mistake, tell them. Yes, you will occasionally talk yourself out of a sale, but building a reputation as a trustworthy person is worth far more than any single sale. Remember—you’re the expert, and you’re in this for the long game, right?

If you make a mistake, be quick to admit it, apologize, and be prepared with a plan on how to move forward. We all make mistakes occasionally, but how you deal with your mistakes proves your trustworthiness.


5. Go above and beyond

 If your goal in business is to create a never-ending stream of incoming referrals, know this: Mere competence doesn’t cut it. You need to do more — but it doesn’t take much.

It’s the little things you do differently than others, done consistently, that make people stand up and take notice.


6. Take the time to check in and make adjustments

 We’re in a relationship-based business, so take the time to check in with your clients and ask them… about the relationship 

How are they doing? And how are you doing? Is there any additional information you could provide? Is there anything you could do better?

If they have feedback, make sure you listen to understand and make adjustments moving forward.


Developing a strong bond of trust with your clients is easier than you might think. The key takeaways from this column are being more aware and taking more time to devote to the relationship.

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