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Make money from your power list: Showing appreciation

Last week, we talked about some of the benefits of making people feel special. Well, few things make people feel as special as when they receive a gift, especially when it’s a surprise.

Here’s a marketing system that plays off the “perennial post premium” you learned about in our article on after-sale systems. But in this case, you’re sending a special, small gift certificate just to your power players when they’re not expecting it.

Here’s what you do… Just go out to a local retail store – coffee house, florist – and ask them for a special price to send a sample of their product to members of your power list. Remember, there’s new business in this strategy for the retailer, so they should be more than willing to give you a special deal.

Again, this is a very inexpensive, yet “touching” way to make a positive impression. You will get incredible feedback when you take this small, yet personal gesture with your top 20 per cent power players.

Send the gift along with a personally written card.

Inner circle special event system

You’ve probably heard about agents all over the world hosting client appreciation parties and other successful events. There’s a reason for that – they work!

So, do you want to make a positive impression with your “top 20 per cent inner circle” as a group? When it’s safe to do so, think about holding one of these events once or twice a year.

  1. A special wine or beer tasting party.  Just locate one of your favourite distributors or retail stores, and they’ll set it all up for you.
  2. A special seminar or workshop.  You name the topic, but make sure it’s something people would really value: Investments, tax saving strategies and special topics.
  3. Hold a fashion show with a local high-end boutique.
  4. Create a family picnic once a year for your inner circle members.
  5. Have an annual comedy club outing. Go to a local comedy club in your area and book a night when great performers will be appearing.  Often you can book a weeknight and get discount rates.
  6. Hold a Christmas or holiday party.
  7. Hold a sports clinic if you find many of your clients like a certain sport: Power walking, running, cycling.
  8. Hold an art show with a local gallery.  This is very classy way to meet with many network members at once. Consider holding a wine tasting with your art show.
  9. Every year, buy five or six sets of tickets to your local opera or theatre group.  Then, for each performance, give away a set of tickets to someone special.
  10. Co-ordinate a new automobile preview with a local high-end or exotic auto dealership (BMW, Lexis, Mercedes, Infinity, Porsche, Ferrari).  They’ll be ecstatic you’re promoting their cars and will gladly participate with your inner circle network.

Couldn’t you do any of these with your top 20 per cent power players, spending very little money in the process?

Once you have your power list together, and you’ve started building your own inner circle, you have limitless opportunity to follow up with them, provide value and stay top of mind.