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Social media: The mind-numbing productivity killer

I’ve had some success in my life, but I’m far from perfect. I struggle with stuff, just like you.

Lately, I’ve noticed that my addiction to Facebook has gotten worse. How about you? Do you find yourself wasting time, mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds?

To be clear, I’m not talking about using social media as an essential marketing tool in your business. You absolutely must be doing this. I’m referring to the scrolling habit – the mind-numbing productivity killer.

It’s like thinking you can eat one chip out of the bag. Nope! Scarfed down the entire bag once again. Do we have any more?

To overcome my Facebook scrolling addiction, I’ve decided to limit myself to 10 minutes of access, a couple of times per day, from my laptop or desktop computer only. I’ve removed the app from my phone. It’s gone. Forever.

This eliminates the temptation to tap the app whenever the slightest bit of boredom creeps into my day. No more thinking I can eat a single chip out of that family-size bag.

Scrolling your social feeds may seem harmless, and it’s not like there aren’t some good aspects to it. One of the good parts of Facebook for me is keeping up with whatever fun stuff is happening with my friends. And, I love having a “journal” of various events and trips I’ve taken over the years.

But lately, the good parts are far outweighed by the bad, the most significant being negativity itself. I’m tired of people griping at each other over stupid disagreements, with zero chance of ever changing the other’s mind (not that I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole myself a couple thousand times or so).

I’ve also recently noticed the proliferation of AFG – ads for garbage. I’m embarrassed, but not too proud to admit, that I’ve been sucked into buying products from slick-looking companies on Facebook, received them, and literally thrown them straight into the trash.

I genuinely find it fascinating that these companies can spend millions producing professional, ultra-slick ads (along with hundreds of seemingly fake reviews), but they don’t seem to give two moose berries about the actual product they’re selling.

What a colossal sham!

Note to every Realtor reading this: If you think you can “market” your way to lasting success without actually being a great Realtor, you’re dead wrong. In a local, relationship-based business, your reputation carries more weight than anything else you’ve got.

The biggest problem with social media is the sheer overwhelming waste of time and reduced productivity. If you still think it’s harmless, for one single day, I implore you to keep track of how much time you spend “mindlessly scrolling”. Then, ask yourself, “What else could I have done with that time today?”

If you accomplish more while you’re at work, it means you can spend more quality time with your friends or family. So that’s what I’m training my brain to focus on. Less scrolling = more quality time with others.

Nobody on their deathbed ever said, “I wish I spent more time working.” True, but when you’re at work, you need to get stuff done. And remember this: Nobody on their deathbed ever said, “I wish I spent more time mindlessly scrolling through my social media feed.”

I’m ready for a change. It’s not going to be an easy habit to break, but I’m determined. How about you? Will you join me? Just respond “yes,” and I’ll send you back a few words of encouragement. We can do this together!

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