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Vancouver real estate professionals to host fundraising gala

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Recognizing that the past few years have been challenging across most industries, Vancouver Realtors Phil Moore, Juliana Vallee and Melissa Wu, along with financial coach Michele Lau,  are holding an event for members of the local real estate community to have fun, make connections and raise funds for local charities and foundations.

The gala event, An Evening of Giving Back, is slated for May 12 at the Vancouver Club. The organizers say, “Attendees can expect an evening filled with good people, great food and drinks and live entertainment, with fundraising throughout the evening.” Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available and tax deductible, with all proceeds going directly to the selected charities.

Each of the four organizers spoke about the charities that will benefit from the fundraiser.

“We brought Camp Choice B.C. to Canada in 2016 to provide a positive experience for at-risk and underprivileged youth throughout the province,” says Phil Moore, former Vancouver Police officer and a Realtor in Greater Vancouver. “We offer a five-day leadership camp designed to build confidence and work on focus, trust and commitment to help youths create a lasting understanding of what responsible choices and teamwork can do in their lives.”

Realtor and business coach Juliana Vallee says, “KidSport BC comes from humble beginnings and has grown to make a significant difference in the lives of many of the people in our communities. Together, we can help eliminate the financial barriers preventing local children from being a part of organized sports.”

Melissa Wu says as restrictions ease and our world returns to normal, it’s essential that we do not neglect our emotional and mental health. It has been a challenging time for all of us, and the mental impact of the pandemic will be long-lasting. “Mental health resources, such as those from the VGH/UBC Hospital Foundation’s Mental Health Support, have played a crucial role throughout the pandemic, providing essential mental health support for our local communities,” says Wu. “Balancing family life, professional and social responsibilities can be overwhelming, stressful or hectic for Realtors, entrepreneurs and business owners, many of which may not be aware of the resources available. Through this event, we wish to create awareness for the mental health support available, empowering British Columbians to discover a healthy state of mind for themselves and those around us as our society recovers from the pandemic.”

Lau, executive financial coach for Concept One Financial Group, says, “Over the past few years, I have been exceptionally fortunate, professionally and personally. With the state of the world as it is right now, I want to be part of something to give back to the people and organizations that have helped me succeed. The B.C. Cancer Foundation will always have a special place in my heart for the care and commitment they showed my godmother during her experience with cancer.”

To learn more about the evening, visit the event website.

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