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Winter is the time to work on your business

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As a newly licensed realtor, I drove to the brokerage and worked from my office daily. The camaraderie in our office was (and still is) amazing. I credit this as one of the primary reasons I was able to get such a fast start in real estate.

As a rosy-faced newbie (two to three months in), I remember another agent stopping by my office and saying, “Wow, you’re always so busy! How many deals have you done already?”

“None yet! I’m just working on setting up systems and procedures!”

He gave me a funny look, wished me luck, and continued down the hall. He probably thought I’d never do a deal.

I went back to work.

You see, working isn’t only putting deals together. If that’s your attitude, you’re not going to work much.

You should be working ON your business when you’re not working IN your business.

I still work this way, but it’s more seasonal now. In the spring and summer, I’m mainly working IN my business (putting deals together). I spend more time working ON my business in the fall and winter.

Here’s a partial list of what I mean by working ON your business. Go ahead and substitute “improving” with “initiating” wherever applicable.

  • Improving systems and procedures
  • Improving your website
  • Improving your listing presentation
  • Improving your monthly newsletter
  • Improving advertising/marketing programs
  • Improving your CRM
  • Contacting past clients
  • Taking a course to learn how to do all of the above more effectively

Improving your business/bank account/life doesn’t happen by magic. If you want success, there is a price to pay. That price is time and effort. The more you put in, the more reward you get later.

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