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Durham Region residents concerned about housing affordability

Nanos Research conducted a survey for the Durham Region Association of Realtors recently and found that two in three Durham residents consider the region as a good place to raise a family. But Durham residents gave a poor rating to their municipal leaders for lack of action on housing affordability and quality of living in the region.

“We need to be up front and present the facts to our residents. It’s important to be honest and showcase this information so our residents know what is happening in the region, for us to take necessary steps and raise the concerns to our policymakers,” says Michael Watson, president of DRAR.

The survey sheds light on housing, healthcare, the job market, the transit system and the performance of leaders in the Durham Region. According to Nanos Research survey:

  • Roughly half of Durham residents say municipal leaders have done a good job responding to the issue of housing affordability
  • Nearly 52 per cent of Durham residents find it challenging to own a house in the region
  • Sixty-six per cent of Durham Region residents support the introduction of a home renovation tax credit by the provincial government
  • Eighty per cent of residents are in favour of senior home renovations tax credit
  • 54 per cent Durham residents gave positive ratings to the quality of healthcare
  • Residents of Durham Region gave municipal leaders an excellent rating on their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic

“Durham is a fast-growing region and with more and more people moving to the GTA we need to ensure that individuals are able to afford a place,” says Watson. “The federal government realizes that affordability in Durham Region is an issue and now we need support from our municipal and provincial policymakers to come together and advance this initiative further.”