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Create an effective Instagram content strategy for real estate agents in 3 easy steps

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In today’s digital world, where the majority of consumers research and begin their home search online, a strong social media presence is essential for building a lasting impression in competitive real estate markets across the country.

To stand out in a sea of agents, real estate professionals need an effective social media content strategy to drive business growth. Your content strategy serves as a roadmap for creating valuable, relevant and engaging content that resonates with your target audience and leads to meaningful outcomes.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through three steps to developing an Instagram strategy that converts. By getting the hang of these essentials, you can level up your online presence, nurture client relationships, and generate valuable leads.


1. Set clear content goals


When crafting your content strategy, kick off by setting goals. For best results, start by identifying your yearly, big-picture aspirations. Next, break it down to quarterly goals, and then each month, zoom in on what really matters to move the needle.

Whether your goal is to increase property inquiries, drive traffic to your website, grow your email list or secure more listings, ensure that each piece of content serves a purpose in achieving your desired outcome.

Goalsetting is an important part of your strategy because it provides a clear direction and purpose for your content creation. Not only that, but it helps you measure the success of your content strategy, providing insights into whether your efforts are yielding the desired results. 

In turn, you can adapt and optimize your strategy based on data and analytics. If you’re not meeting your set goals, you can analyze what’s not working and make the necessary adjustments to improve results. On the flip side, if you’re seeing success you can make note of what is working to optimize your strategy further. 


2. Define your content pillars


After establishing your goals, we encourage clients to focus on three core pillars for their social media marketing efforts. Keep in mind, your content pillars will differ from your brand pillars

While your brand pillars are unique to you, think of your content pillars as the structure and guideline for your content creation efforts. Your content pillars allow you to focus on actions that are aligned with your goals. They also prevent you from getting overwhelmed with too many ideas and ensure that you’re investing your time and energy where it matters most.

Here’s an example for the real estate industry:

  • Grow (expand your reach). Showcase property listings, local market updates and neighbourhood insights. 
  • Nurture (build trust and connect with potential clients). Share glimpses into your daily life, offer free educational resources and showcase testimonials. 
  • Sell (drive conversions). Highlight successful transactions, offer exclusive deals and provide expertise on the buying or selling process. 

Each piece of content you post should prioritize one of these pillars. As a real estate agent, it may feel like you’re often doing all three simultaneously (growing, nurturing and selling); however, by working with content pillars, you can focus on the most important action for your business at any given time. 

Remember, it’s not only about the content you’re creating and sharing — it’s also about the way you’re engaging with your audience. Aim to build personal relationships with your audience by sparking conversations in the DMs. You can foster engagement by inviting questions, sharing polls or hosting Q&A sessions on Instagram Live, positioning yourself as a trusted resource for ideal clients.


3. Create your monthly content calendar


The key to a consistent Instagram presence? Planning. Instead of brainstorming new ideas from scratch for every piece of content, you can leverage your established pillars and current goals to generate relevant topics and angles. This saves you from staring at a blank page with the dreaded question, “What the heck do I post today?” 

Start by mapping out key topics and themes for the month ahead, plugging in special occasions, open houses, local events or anything else that automatically translates into a marketing opportunity. From there, fill in the blanks with valuable content that aligns with your key goals.


For real estate professionals looking to thrive in today’s digital landscape, a strategic social media marketing strategy is no longer optional but fundamental to your success. A winning Instagram strategy blends clear, strategic goalsetting, consistency and the right mix of content. By following these steps, you can create a memorable online presence that remains top of mind with your target audience.


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