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How realtors can use email marketing to successfully close more deals

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Finding success as a real estate agent is all about building relationships with clients and consistently growing your network. This is why effectively marketing yourself is essential. 

Of all the things you can do to market yourself online, email marketing is one of the most impactful ways to a) reach your audience and b) convert leads into clients. 

And the statistics prove it.  

A survey conducted by found a whopping 59 per cent of consumers say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, and over half say they purchase from an email at least once a month. This is great news for your real estate business!

In this article, we’ll walk you through simple yet effective email marketing strategies to help you grow your subscriber list, engage and nurture your audience and successfully close more deals.  


Capture leads with a free resource


When you’ve found email marketing software that meets your needs, you can start building your list by enticing prospects to sign up with a value-packed freebie. What’s a freebie, you ask?

It’s a (typically digital) resource you create to entice people to subscribe to your email list. This is important, as simply inviting them to “join our newsletter to stay in the loop” just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Consider a tool or resource you can provide to help your dream clients make instant progress or learn something new. This may look like a buyer’s guide, seller’s checklist or market report. (You don’t have to stop at just one!)

However, we recommend thinking outside the box to come up with a free offer that’s branded to you and your unique approach. The purpose of your freebie is to provide value, offer a solution to a common problem and establish yourself as a trusted resource from the get-go.

Freebie building hack: Search “guidebook” templates in Canva and customize them with your branding to create a PDF guide.


Craft your welcome sequence


First impressions matter. Your welcome email sequence is a series of automated emails sent to your subscribers as soon as they sign up to join your list. The goal is to build trust, showcase your authority and engage with your community, helping them understand what to expect for future communications (and giving them a taste of what it’s like to work with you).

A typical welcome sequence includes:

  • Freebie delivery (value) 
  • Brand story intro (authority building) 
  • Client success story (trust building) 
  • How to work with me (problem + solution) 
  • Other free resources + tips/special offers (value)

Your welcome sequence plays a key role in your brand experience. It sets the first impression for new subscribers and potential clients/customers, so don’t skip this step!


Nurture your audience


As a realtor, you know that prospects can take months (or even years) to decide to sell their home. This is why nurturing your audience with regular email communication is a must. Since real estate is all about relationships, this is an opportunity to build a sense of connection with those who aren’t ready to buy right now but will be in the future.

People are more likely to work with you when they like, know and trust you. And your emails can serve as a way to pull back the curtain on who you are and why you do what you do, sparking a deeper connection with current and future clients. 

Follow these tips for writing emails your audience will actually want to read:

  • Write a short, curiosity-inducing subject line that makes your reader click. 
  • Imagine you’re writing your emails to one person and use conversational language so it feels like it’s coming from a friend (not a robot).
  • Instead of sending traditional sales emails, capture your reader’s attention by telling stories about your life and experiences, providing entertainment, insight or inspiration.


Remember, your potential clients aren’t just looking for listings in their inbox; they’re seeking guidance, expertise and a trusted partner in their real estate journey. Use your emails to speak directly to their needs, desires and pain points, while providing valuable insights and expert advice that show your understanding of their experience. 

By doing so, you’ll elevate your marketing, create an engaged community and drive success in your real estate business.


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