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Natural materials and earthy tones: The top home design trends for the year ahead

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Home design trends change quickly. By the time you finish a renovation, a new trend can already be on the rise. This is why designers are such helpful teammates to have in your corner when it comes to selling a home. They know where the trends are moving well before the average buyer does, so they can ensure the properties you’re listing are meeting the latest trends early on—before they become popular expectations. 

Trends for 2023 are in full bloom—here’s what designers find themselves being asked for the most this year.  


Rich earth tones


“Brown has emerged as the colour of the year, indicating a return to natural materials and warm tones,” says Alessia Lamonaca, lead designer of New Mode Home in Barrie, Ont. “Homeowners are incorporating rich brown tones in furniture, flooring, and even as an accent colour, to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in their homes.” 

Mariya Snisar, head of interior design at Renowell in Thornhill, Ont., agrees: “There’s a tendency to choose soft, earthy colours, especially muted or dark green and various shades of brown,” she says. “I believe this is happening because using earthy palettes allows people to create a calming atmosphere in their homes.”



Warm woods


The earthy vibe goes beyond just colour choices—materials are also trending back to a more natural space. “One of the current patterns I’ve been noticing among clients is leaning toward natural materials,” Snisar notes. “Almost everyone wants to have wooden furniture and wood accents in their homes.”

Lamonaca hears the same from her clients: “Warm wood finishes, like walnut, have become increasingly popular for furniture and flooring. Wood adds a touch of elegance and warmth to a space and can be paired with a variety of design styles,” she says. 

Beyond what you would usually see wood used for in home decor, the trend is also focused on the unique use of these materials. “We are seeing warm wood tones used in ways you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see in 2023, such as in wall panelling and exposed natural wood cabinets,” she continues. 



Dark wallpaper


“Dark wallpaper is also on the rise,” according to Snisar. “Some clients prefer to turn one wall into an accent wall using dark wallpapers with bold prints—often featuring plants and other nature-related themes,” she continues. “And others like making all four walls dark, adding that dark academia vibe to the room.” 

Lamonaca has noticed the rise of wallpaper in client requests as well: “From traditional wallpaper to modern, removable wallpaper and decals, we’re seeing homeowners embrace wallpaper to add texture, pattern and colour to a room and make a statement in their homes.”


Statement marble


Marble is one trend that can be a solid investment for any buyer, as its enduring quality will always outlive any trend. “Marble is a timeless material that has become a popular choice among homeowners who want to add a touch of luxury to their spaces,” says Lamonaca. “Statement marble pieces, like large slabs for countertops or showers, are being used to create a stunning focal point in homes.”


Image courtesy: Mariya Snisar, Renowell




The curvy trend will continue to grow in 2023, extending beyond where you might typically embrace curvier design elements. “The use of rounded shapes and organic forms create a soft, inviting atmosphere in the home is a big trend,” says Lamonaca—as it fits in well with the natural and organic trend of 2023. “It is starting to extend to even functional elements—like islands, countertops, and vanities,” she continues. 


Image courtesy: Mariya Snisar, Renowell

Organic details

As the wood trend suggests, natural and organic is the overarching trend for 2023. “More and more people want their interiors to look organic, creating a soft, welcoming atmosphere—focusing on natural stone countertops or floors and decor pieces made with bamboo, cork, clay, and rattan,” says Snisar. 


Lamonaca notes this trend started to pop up during lockdown when everyone was spending more time at home: “During the pandemic, people looked to embrace a more natural and organic aesthetic in their homes, and have been incorporating organic details into their homes ever since,” she notes. “Stone and wood finishes can add a sense of calm and relaxation to a space and create a connection to the outdoors.” Snisar agrees: “And who doesn’t want to turn their living space into a soothing sanctuary?” 

Help your clients incorporate these upcoming design trends into their homes to ensure a successful 2023. 


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